If Only UPS Would Get in The Game- Installer vs Cydia

Most of us that have used any sort of jailbreak or Pwnage method know Installer. Made by Nullriver Software, it was the first packaging and distribution software for the iPhone and iPod, and to this day remains the canonical program by every type of hacking program available. Recently, however, there’s been a contender to the Installer throne: an open-source packager called Cydia. While not widely used as of yet, many programs are being adapted for the use of Cydia.

But with both of these fine programs, one the default, one seemingly a potential “killer app” of that default, which to choose?! It’s such a dilemma! Fortunately, your good friends at Apple Juice have got all the info.

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PwnageTool: An In-depth Look

PwnageTool is the revolutionary new software that allows custom-made firmware files (.ipsw) to be uploaded to iPod Touches and iPhones straight through iTunes. Recently distributed by the iPhone Dev Team, it’s going to revolutionize the jailbreaking scene. And I’ve taken an in-depth look at how it works, how to customize it for your own use, and a guide to using some of the basic features.

.:How It Works:.

Built into the iPhone OS is a system that checks firmwares to prevent things like the custom firmwares , to make sure the firmwares are from Apple. As opposed to jailbreaking a phone, which allows limited file writing access to the Apple-made firmware, Pwnage tells that low-level firmware system to ignore the check, and allows far freer customization.

The best part about this is, because the check is very low-level, it’s basically the same in all versions of iPhone OS. Right now only 1.1.4 is supported by PwnageTool (along with one of the 2.0 betas), but in the future the 2.0 firmwares will be just as easily hacked.

As of right now, the official version of Pwnage is only available for Mac (10.4.11 and above). However, a separate party has been working on a Windows version, Winpwn. It’s still in beta though, so be careful.

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Not Your Average Blog

Don’t worry, we’re plenty aware of how many iPod and iPhone help blogs there are out there. What we’re trying to do with this one is consolidate as much information as we can, as quickly as we can, and as user-friendly as we can.

Coming hot off the recent atrophy of RupertGee’s iBlog, Apple Juice is committed to answering any and all questions you may have, as quickly as possible. With an American and an Aussie on staff, you can be sure that your problems will get round-the-clock support, alongside (what we hope to be) the most user-friendly and comprehensive guides, reviews and info articles. As two frequent iBlog posters, TheGPC and Vanya, we are ready and willing to help you as much as we can.

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